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Curriculum Vitae

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Selected Publications and Working Papers

Foundations of Agnostic Statistics. Forthcoming. Cambridge University Press. (w/ Miller)

Average Treatment Effects in the Presence of Unknown Interference. Working paper. (w/ Savje and Hudgens) arXiv

Estimating Average Causal Effects under General Interference, with Application to a Social Network Experiment. Forthcoming. Annals of Applied Statistics. (w/ Samii) Preprint

Identification of Homophily and Preferential Recruitment in Respondent-driven Sampling. Forthcoming. American Journal of Epidemiology. (w/ Crawford, Zeng, and Li) arXiv

Does Regression Produce Representative Estimates of Causal Effects? 2016. American Journal of Political Science. (w/ Samii) SSRN

Cluster-Robust Variance Estimation for Dyadic Data. 2015. Political Analysis. (w/ Samii and Assenova) arXiv

Combining List Experiment and Direct Question Estimates of Sensitive Behavior Prevalence. 2015. Journal of Survey Statistics and Methodology. (w/ Coppock, Crawford, and Green) arXiv

Sharp Bounds on the Variance in Randomized Experiments. 2014. Annals of Statistics. (w/ Green and Lee) arXiv

Interval Estimation of Population Means under Unknown but Bounded Probabilities of Sample Selection. 2013. Biometrika. (w/ Lee) Preprint

A Class of Unbiased Estimators of the Average Treatment Effect in Randomized Experiments. 2013. Journal of Causal Inference. (w/ Middleton) Preprint

On Equivalencies Between Design-Based and Regression-Based Variance Estimators for Randomized Experiments. 2012. Statistics and Probability Letters. (w/ Samii) Preprint

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